(b. 11.11.88)

Matthew Borkowski is a photographer living and working out of his home studio in New York City.

He was raised by his mother and step-father in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Monterey, California, visiting his father in Connecticut (and briefly Atlanta) during summers and winters.

Matthew began his photographic journey in 2010 on a whim in Brooklyn, continued his path in Los Angeles for three years, and relocated back to New York City on a full time basis in 2016.

When not being hyper-critical of his own work, Matthew enjoys playing guitar, watching hockey, soccer, and basketball, and spending time with his girlfriend, their daughter, and their French bulldog.

He is available for commissioned editorial, advertising, or personal projects.

Publication List
5'ELEVEN" Magazine
Civilian Magazine
Contributor Magazine
Creem Magazine
Jute Magazine
Man Repeller
Teen Vogue
Vulkan Magazine